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Three Types Of Seals For Slurry Pumps

Hong Yuan

How much do you know about the three sealing forms of the slurry pump? Next, we will introduce the seal of the slurry pump:



1. Mechanical seal

Mechanical seals are generally used in situations with high sealing requirements, especially in some chemical and food fields, where not only sealing is required, but also when additional components are not allowed to enter the body, mechanical seals can be used. When selecting, we must consider its sealing performance, and the specific sealing method can be selected according to the actual working conditions to select the appropriate sealing equipment, so that it can work efficiently and stably.



2. Impeller seal

This seal is operated by a reverse centrifugal force of the impeller, which can prevent the phenomenon of slurry leakage. When the positive pressure value of the pump inlet is 10% smaller than the pump outlet pressure value, the single-stage pump or the first-stage pump of the multi-stage series pump can use the auxiliary impeller shaft seal, and the auxiliary impeller shaft seal has undiluted slurry, There is no need for shaft sealing water, and the sealing effect is good. Therefore, it is forbidden to have dilution in the slurry, and this kind of sealing can be considered.



3. Packing seal

It is the most common type of sealing method. By injecting the shaft seal water, a certain pressure water is continuously injected into the packing, which can prevent the leakage of the pump body slurry: For the paddle Wheel seals are not suitable for multi-stage tandem pumps, and packing shaft seals are required. In addition, the packing shaft seal has a simple structure, is easy to maintain, and is cheap, making it easy for people to accept.


To sum up, there are many sealing methods for slurry pumps. Specifically, in our selection and use, we must do it according to our own use needs and user selection, so as to ensure the sealing of the equipment and better ensure the use of the equipment. Effective prolong the service life of the equipment., I hope it can be helpful to you.

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