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Structural Characteristics Of Horizontal Slurry Pump

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1. The pump head part of the horizontal slurry pump

(1) Including pump casing, impeller and shaft sealing equipment. The pump head and the bracket are connected with bolts. According to the needs, the position of the water outlet of the pump can be rotated at a distance of 45 degrees to use different viewpoint devices.

The pump shell of the ZS slurry pump is a double shell structure. The outer layer is metal pump casing (front pump casing. Rear pump casing), and its material is generally HT200 or QT500-7; the inner casing can be made of high-chromium alloy cast iron (including volute). Front guard. Rear guard) or rubber Made (including front volute, rear volute).

(2) The impeller is made of the front cover. The rear cover. The blade. The back leaf is composed. The leaves are curved and usually have 3 to 6 pieces. The dorsal leaves are distributed on the outside of the front cover and the rear cover. The raw material of the impeller is high-chromium alloy cast iron, and the impeller and the shaft are threaded.



2. Shaft seal part of horizontal slurry pump

(1) Auxiliary impeller shaft seal: prevent slurry leakage through the action of the impeller of reverse centrifugal force. When the positive pressure value of the pump inlet is not greater than 10% of the pump outlet pressure value, the auxiliary impeller shaft seal can be used. The auxiliary impeller shaft seal does not need shaft sealing water, does not dilute the pulp, and the shaft sealing effect is good. Can be used when the slurry does not allow dilution.

(2) Packing shaft seal: The packing shaft seal is the most common seal, with simple structure, convenient maintenance and low price, but the shaft sealing water must be used, and the packing shaft seal can be used for the working conditions of the auxiliary impeller shaft seal.

(3) Mechanical seals: Mechanical seals are generally used in situations with high sealing requirements, especially in the chemical field, where not only the slurry is required to not leak, but also the pump body is not allowed. The disadvantage of mechanical seals is high cost and difficult maintenance.



3. Transmission part of horizontal slurry pump

Various horizontal slurry pumps use the same series of transmission components, including brackets and bearing components. The diameter of the pump shaft is large, the rigidity is good, and the cantilever is short. It will not bend and vibrate under harsh working conditions. Bearings choose heavy-duty single-row or double-row tapered roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings according to the transmission power, which can withstand the maximum axial and radial direction of the pump. The bearing is lubricated with oil. There are sealed end caps, labyrinth sleeves and labyrinth rings at both ends of the bearing body, which can effectively prevent dirt such as pulp and other dirt from entering the bearing, ensure the safe operation of the bearing and have a long service life.


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