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What is a Slurry Pump and Everything You Need to Know


Definition of Slurry Pump

A slurry pump is a type of pump designed for pumping liquid containing solid particles. Slurry pumps changes in design and construction to adjust to multiple type of slurry which varies in concentration of solids, size of solid particles, shape of solid particles, and composition of solution. Slurry pump are more robust than liquid pumps; they have added sacrificial material and replaceable wear parts to withstand wear due to abrasion.


What Are the Structural Components of Slurry Pump?


The impeller, either elastomer, stainless steel, or high-chrome material, is the main rotating component which normally has vanes to impart the centrifugal force to the liquid.


Split outer casing halves of cast contain the wear liners and provide high operation pressure capabilities. The casing shape is generally semi-volute or concentric, efficiencies of which are less than that of the volute type.

Shaft and Bearing Assembly

A large diameter shaft with a short overhang minimizes deflection and vibration. Heavy-duty roller bearings are housed in a removable bearing cartridge.

Shaft sleeve

A hardened, heavy-duty corrosion-resistant sleeve with O-ring seals at both ends protects the shaft. A split fit allows the sleeve removed or installed quickly.

Shaft Seal

Expeller drive seal, Packing seal, Mechanical seal.

Drive Type

V-belt drive, gear reducer drive, fluid coupling drive, and frequency conversion drive devices.


What Types of Slurry Pumps Are There?


Submersible slurry pumps are placed at the bottom of a tank, lagoon, pond, or another water-filled environment, and suction solids and liquids right at the pump itself. The materials are taken in at the intake and passed through a hose connected to the discharge valve.


A self-priming slurry pump is operated from land, and a hose is connected to the pump's intake valve. The self-priming pump draws the slurry to the pump and then discharges the material from there.

Flooded Suction

The flooded suction slurry pump is connected to a tank or hopper and uses gravity to move slurry and liquid from the enclosure. Located at the bottom or below the water, the pump uses the force of gravity to continuously fill the pump and then passes the material out through the discharge valve.


Choosing a Slurry Pumps Manufacturer's Advice

Choosing Slurry Pumps is no easy task. You need to find a reliable Slurry Pumps Manufacturer. They are able to provide you with high-quality products.

Hanjiang Hongyuan Xiangyang Silicon Carbide Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. - the subsidiary of Hanjiang Water Resources and Hydropower Group, is a state-run company specializing in advanced silicon carbide products.

Our raw Slurry Pump is of good quality, stable performance and high power. You may choose to view our Slurry Pump products. Or contact us and tell us what your needs are!

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