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How To Effectively Control The Erosion Protection Of The Slurry Pump Shell

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A slurry pump is a machine that transports fluid or pressurizes the fluid. It transmits the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid to increase the energy of the liquid. The slurry pump of a chemical company has wear problems during the working process. The model and quantity of the slurry pump are: two LCB300-300-3-450, and the model and quantity of the desulfurization pump are one LCB300-300-3-450, with a speed of 980r/min , the flow rate is 3200m³/h, the main medium is CaSO4 2H2O, the pump material is Cr30, the pump casing and guard plate are worn. Faced with this problem, how should we do the erosion protection of the slurry pump casing?



1. Comparison of the protection effects of the two treatment slurry pump shells:

(1) Traditional repair method: Since the sealing cavity is made of high wear-resistant alloy, it is necessary to know the detailed data of the material of the component itself and find the corresponding welding materials for repair welding by traditional repair welding. This process is difficult to implement. So companies are forced to deal with it only by replacing new parts. Since the service life of the new parts is only about 2 months and the price is high, the production cost of the enterprise is seriously increased.

(2) Application of carbon nanopolymer material technology:

Soleil's carbon nanopolymer material technology uses materials with high wear resistance, strong adhesion, and certain corrosion resistance for on-site protection. There is no need to disassemble the entire pump body during the repair process, and the repair time and repair cost are far lower than the traditional repair process, and the cost of replacing new parts is also far lower. But the service life is close to or higher than the service life of new parts.


2. The specific implementation process of the erosion protection of the slurry pump shell:

  • Flush the repaired pump casing with steam and clean water to remove residual media;

  • Use sandblasting or electric tools to roughen the repaired part to expose the original metal color;

  • Use tools to remove surface dust;

  • Reconcile the Sorey carbon nanopolymer material in proportion;

  • Apply the material densely to the repaired part until the surface is smooth;

  • After the material is cured, install the rotor impeller and put it into operation.




3. Suggestions for daily operation and maintenance of slurry pump

  • Avoid large particle materials or long fiber materials from entering the pump and causing blockage.

  • Replace easy-to-wear parts in a timely manner. The maintenance device must be accurate, the gap adjustment should be reasonable, and there should be no tightness and friction.

  • When replacing bearings, be sure to ensure that there is no dust in the bearing assembly and that the lubricating oil is clean.


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