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The Difference Between Submerged Vertical Slurry Pump And Submersible Slurry Pump

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Many users, including new practitioners of slurry pumps, often cannot distinguish the difference between a submerged vertical slurry pump and a submersible slurry pump. Submersible and submersible seem to be very similar in name, but there are essential differences.

We would like to introduce the concepts and characteristics of the submerged vertical slurry pump and the submersible slurry pump respectively, and then compare and analyze the differences.


1. Concept and Features of Submerged Vertical Slurry Pump


The so-called submerged slurry pump means that part (not all) of the slurry pump is immersed below the page when it is working, the pump head is partially under the liquid, and one end of the motor is on the liquid. In order to distinguish between SP and ZDY slurry pumps, industry insiders generally call SP as submerged slurry pump.

The so-called vertical slurry pump means that the pump shaft is vertical to the horizontal position. In the field, vertical slurry pump generally refers to ZDY type slurry pump.

In fact, SP submerged slurry pump and ZDY vertical slurry pump belong to submerged vertical slurry pump.


2. The concept and characteristics of submersible slurry pump


In terms of structure, the pump shaft and the horizontal position of the submersible slurry pump are generally vertical and belong to the vertical slurry pump. ".

In terms of usability, the submersible slurry pump is more convenient than the submerged vertical slurry pump, and it can be directly put into the slurry.

The pump is composed of two parts, the motor and the pump. The two are separated by the oil isolation chamber and the mechanical seal assembly. It is a mechatronics product.



3. The difference between submerged vertical slurry pump and submersible slurry pump


  •  The submerged vertical slurry pump is not completely immersed in the liquid, while the submersible slurry pump can be fully immersed or partially immersed;

  • The submerged vertical slurry pump needs to be fixedly installed when working, and there must be a platform for installation in the liquid surface part, while the submersible slurry pump does not need a platform to be installed, and can be run directly by immersing in the slurry;

  •  The submerged vertical slurry pump generally operates at a depth of 3 meters. After the improvement of our company's unique technology, the maximum can only reach 10 meters, while the working depth of the submersible slurry pump is currently up to 25 meters;

  •  The operating depth of the submerged vertical slurry pump is generally limited by the shaft length and the suction pipe. The operating depth of the submersible slurry pump is mainly limited by the pressure resistance of the seal, and the sealing device has high requirements.



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