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SiC Pump Case in Steel Works

HVT400-500 Slurry Circulating Pump has kept working in Ezhou Steel Co. for over 1 year, showing excellent performance in wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance. Before trying SiC ceramic pump, this customer used metal pump whose impeller could only serve for 3 months.  SiC ceramic pump helps customer to achieve continous production, reducing cost of human and material resource. 


Pump type?Desulphurization seriflux Circulation pump HVT400-500

Parameter : Q=2700m3/h?H=22m

Motor: Y55M-4/250KW

Metal pump life: 3 months'

SiC pump life: already 12 months, keeping on working

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China Silicon Carbide Specialty Ceramic Products Manufacturers - Hongyuan
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