SiC Heating Protection Tube

SiC Protection Tube

  About SiC Protection Tube
 Made of our own SiC raw material, SiC protection tubes can improves temperature aluminum liqiud quickly,good thermal -shock resistance, no crack . It is widely applied in nonferrous metal casting.

mainly used in nonferrous metal casting.

1.  It quickly improves temperature of aluminum liquid, with good conductivity of 16-18 w/m.k (1100℃). The sheath wall is thin to 15-20mm.
2.  It won't be melted or eroded by aluminum liquid, and will not contaminate the liquid.
3.  It takes on small heat expansion of 4.2* 10-6, and good thermal-shock resistance. There will be no crack, no dreg adhering or coming off.
4.  It works well when immersed in aluminum liquid even the temperature is such high, and can work for long time. 
5.  It is easy to install while using, and easy to maintain.


Item Result Item Result
density(g/cm3) 2.72-2.8 SiC(%) 73-75
apparent porosity(%) 11-13 Si3N4(%) 22-24
normal temperature Rupture(MPa) 40-55 SiO2(%) 1-3
high temperature  Rupture(MPa) 50-65 Si(%) <0.5
heat conductivity(w/m.k)(1100°C) 16-18 the highest working temperature(°C) 1600
heat expansion (x10-6) 4.2 the highest working temperature(°C) 1600

                                              SiC Protective Tube for Internal Heating in Zinc Smelting

mainly used in zinc alloy smelting and heat galvanizing

1. Compared with traditional coal gas heating, it shows higher heat-transferring efficiency, better thermal shock resistance, and longer life-time.
2. It is good at melting resistance and corrosion resistance, no contamination to metal liquid.
3. It is featured with little heat expansion, thermal shock resistance, no dreg or crack.

  High Quality of Raw Material: 

Smelted with pure petroleum coke, Hongyuan make SiC raw material by ourselves. We are the only one in China having complete SiC products chain: 

SiC crystal smelting- SiC grains- SiC ceramic products 

  Advanced Equipments for Firing:
The automatic nitriding furnace in the largest volume, controlled by microcomputer, were honored the First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award for the residual-heat utilization system, meanwhile this nitriding furnace gaining state's utility patent.

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